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Game #37: Want it, Need it, Denied it!

Stay thirsty, my friend. Tonight is NOT the night for a win.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to imagine that anyone needs a win more than the Oakland A's or the Oaktown fans.  And to be honest, I really don't care if anyone needs it more.  We WANT it, NEED it, and that's that. Well, stay thirsty my friend.  It's not tonight. A's lose 7-6.

As a way of distracting myself in the earlier innings, I started thinking about license plates that would help explain the night.  Here are my top 3 musings, though I feel a little guilty about "capping" on Jesse cause I like the kid, but here they are:

  • Hahndld
  • 32pichu
  • Hahnted

And then Phegley hit a home run in the bottom of the 4th and there had to be some feeling of satisfaction for Josh... "Trade me, ChiSox?  You guys traded me? Yeah, I'll give you ‘trade me'!"  Score 2-1.   That's what I'm talkin' about.  And then Burns walks.  Then Sogy.  And, wait for it, wait for it... Coco walks.  Bases loaded and Semien strikes out.  Ugh. Tough slider Marcus.  So we leave it to Reddick.  And he comes through with a three-RBI triple. 3-2 A's.  Oh yeah.

Bottom of the 5th:  Bases loaded (all three on walks) and Sogard delivers an RBI single (#8 of the year) to move the A's ahead 5-2 with one out.  Coco on a 3-1 pitch tries to hold up yet can't get the bat back fast enough and ticks the ball down the line for a fielder's choice 5-2 throw; this is followed by Semien's 6-4 ground out.  Side retired. But hey, it's 5-2 OakTown!

In the sixth Reddick doubles followed by Burns dropping one in center and Gallego sends Reddick home.  Great sliding tag with a tucked left foot.  The play is appealed by Manager Robin Ventura, yet there is not enough evidence here to change it.  Ruled safe.  Butler get's his 18th RBI of the season, and it's 6-2 A's.

In the top of the 7th there are runners on 1st and 3rd and Rodriguez gives up a base hit to Cabrera who scores Soto on his RBI single.  6-3 Oakland.  And then it all let's loose and the Sox take the lead by scoring five in the top of the seventh.  Sorry but I just can't detail that for you.  Too painful.  #missingDonaldsonmorethanever  [Author's note at 7am, 5/16:  Now that I've slept and can stomach writing it, here's how the 7th happened:  Runners on 1st and 2nd; team error #37 by Lawrie; Cabrara then sends one past Lawrie--RBI single; bullpen stays consistent with three pitchers helping the ChiSox rack it up: Rodriguez hits Jose Abreu and loads the bases; Abad gives up a double to I-need-to-shave LaRoche and then Scribner follows suit by giving up another double to Avisail Garcia.]

Top of the 8th:  Ramirez, Soto and Sanchez.  Scribner in with his cut fastball looking good.  So good, in fact, that Alexi Ramirez starts heading to the dugout on two strikes.  Don't stop him!  Oh, ok he strikes out on a big outside curve anyway.  Bye ‘lexi.  Soto comes up:  How much does this guy weigh now?  He strikes out with his hands nearly impeded by his belly.  Works for us!

Bottom 8:   Two up and 2 down, and then Billy Butler faces Jake Petricka.  Base hit.  Fuld pinch runs.  Vogt looks like he is going in to bat.  But no, he steps out before he is announced.  Quickly Melvin pulls him back and tells Lawrie he's back out there.  Good choice, Lawrie base hits up the middle.  Too bad it ends in a 6-4 out.  To be honest, I'm not sure where the mis-communication occurred.  Well, 7-6 Sox.

Top 9: Edward Mujica is on the hill now and he gives up a base hit for Adam Eaton.  But Eaton is gunned down.  Bravo, boys.

Ok, Bottom 9:  Sigh.  Big game!  Mark Canha strikes out, Bllly Burns grounds out to Jose Abreu and Stephen Vogt comes off the bench and walks.  Coco drills a hard shot off the left center wall.  Stephen Vogt gets caught in a rundown at home because of an error at coaching by Gallego.  3 hours and 34 minutes later...Stay thirsty, my friend.

Last thought.  Does anyone else go crazy (as in driven crazy) with that one vendor you hear all over the park AND on TV?  You know...The one that yells "Pizzaaaaaa!"?  Round table, should have a say in who gets to hock your wears.  Fans, if you know that vendor can you talk to him?  His voice grates and I avoid buying from him.  He needs to do something with that voice, tone and volume.

PS:  What is with Soto and his wiping the dirt after every pitch?

There's always tomorrow, boys!