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AN Manifesto

Since Athletics Nation was constructed in November 2003, I've sought to examine stats, tell personal stories about how damn quirky I am in my Athletics fervor and also mobilize the Athletics fan base. See, I believe that a blog should be similar to an online bar. A place where everyone knows your name and where the swivel chair at your computer becomes a bar stool upon which we will pontificate and ruminate together. I guess that's why so many of my posts would probably have you asking, has that dude been drinking?

I didn't want AN to be viewed as just a fan site, but a place where thoughts and theories were shared, the pain of the recent playoff failures could be lamented and my fellow A's fans could get what I often require ? group therapy. I often think I should've called the site "Hi, my name is Tyler Bleszinski and I'm an Athletiholic and I have a problem. My team continually breaks my heart, soul and spirit come playoff time and yet, I can't let go. I love the team too much and the A's losses hurt my family, friends and loved ones because it sends me into a toxic tailspin every October." This Web log is my therapy. You are my support group.

The mainstream media has often speculated about blogs' impact and effect on media coverage. I was a sports reporter for the Orange County Register years ago. I also wrote about the National Hockey League for several now-defunct publications (I don't think it was my writing that did it, so save the snide comments). This site is not about journalism. It's not an unbiased and neutral source. I'm an Athletics fanatic through and through. I will always call things as I see them, but I can't promise that I won?t be peering through my green and gold colored glasses. I am only capable of viewing the world as an A's follower. I consider myself a fan-columnist, in that order. That is what this blog is and that's what you'll receive here in AN.

Interests Baseball, movies, music, traveling, hockey, reading, video games and fantasy football.