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Oakland A's fans face BART delays from weekend closures

BART is performing critical maintenance between Oakland Coliseum and Fruitvale stations that requires closing service between those stations on some weekends through August.

Expect BART delays on three weekends through August
Expect BART delays on three weekends through August
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Beginning April 25, A's fans traveling to the Coliseum on Bay Area Rapid Transit will be affected by weekend closures of the track between Fruitvale and Coliseum stations for critical maintenance. BART will be providing a bus bridge between Fruitvale and Coliseum station, but BART says to expect 30-60 minute delays for some customers. The first closures began on April 5.

Fans traveling from the Fremont, Union City, South Hayward, and Hayward stations will not have a non-stop journey to the Coliseum, but will instead have to transfer at Bay Fair station for a Coliseum bound train. Trains throughout the system will run approximately every 20 minutes, and will not keep to published schedules or timed transfers. BART has a PDF map of the modified service at its website.

BART's closure schedule coincides with the following homestands, though BART's schedule is subject to change:

BART closure Coliseum Oracle Arena
Saturday 4/25 From 7 pm vs. Astros at 1:05 pm (A-moji T-Shirt) No event
Sunday 4/26 All day vs. Astros at 1:05 pm (Scout Day) No event
Saturday 7/18 From 7 pm vs. Twins at 6:05 pm (Hello Kitty bobbleheads) Kevin Hart at 7:00 pm
Sunday 7/19 All day vs. Twins at 1:05 pm No event
Saturday 8/1 From 7 pm vs. Indians at 6:05 pm (Zubazpalooza) No event
Sunday 8/2 All day vs. Indians at 1:05 pm (Mike Gallego Windmill Windup Toy) No event

The full schedule is available in a news release from BART.

BART intends to readjust the schedule to accommodate Golden State Warriors playoffs games, and the schedule was built to avoid conflicts with most A's home stands, Paul Oversier, Bart's assistant general manager for operations, told the San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Cabanatuan. Weekend series against the Mariners, White Sox, Yankees, Angels, Royals, Mariners again, and Astros are not presently affected.

San Francisco Chronicle columnists Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross say weekend closures at other stations may be coming as tracks, most of which have not been replaced since the system opened in 1972, reach the end of their useful life, "The Coliseum-Fruitvale work is only the beginning. In the coming months, partial or full shutdowns are planned near the Daly City, San Leandro and Bayfair stations — all on elevated crossover rails where the trains switch tracks, known as interlockings."

Presently, trains between the Coliseum and Fruitvale stations must reduce speed for safety because "[a] switch (which allows the trains to be guided from one track to another) is in very bad shape," BART writes. "Trains have been limited to 50 mph along that stretch since January, after a track tie crumbled as an inspector stepped on it," Matier and Ross say.

This is just me speculating here, but the night games on Saturdays July 18 and August 1 could be candidates to be rescheduled to the daytime to accommodate BART's work beginning at 7 pm.