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DLD 8/28/13

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Links before a Wednesday evening game.

Duane Burleson

We open up with news that has very little to do with the A's: Hunter Pence launched a 476-foot shot last night, the longest homer hit thus far in 2013.  It surpassed Mark Trumbo's homer off of Dan Straily on April 29 and Anthony Rizzo's dinger on April 18 off of Alexi Ogando.  While Trumbo's homer was impressive, Brandon Moss stole the show some 17 innings later.  Source: Hit Tracker Online

On Sunday night, ESPN will be showcasing a thrilling battle between the Nationals and the Mets.  Seriously, A's-Rays would make so much more sense.  Orioles-Yankees would also be a logical Sunday night matchup.

If you haven't seen it yet, the amicable and respected C.J. Wilson struggled on his way out to the rubber during last night's game at Tampa.

The A's will be sending seven players to the Arizona Fall League: four Ports, two RockHounds and one River Cat: David Freitas.

Bartolo Colon will return to the bump on Thursday.

What does this mean for the A's rotation?

Based on recent track record, Dan Straily could be the odd man out.

If Bartolo takes over, Straily is removed, and Tommy Milone keeps his spot, the A's would use Parker, Gray and Griffin against the Rays, and then Milone, Bartolo and Parker against the Rangers.  This would line up Parker to face David Price and Yu Darvish.

UPDATE: It seems Milone will not keep his spot for the moment.  Rosters expand before Sunday's game, so he could still start Monday.

The A's were originally in position to miss David Price, but thanks to some tweaks in the rotation, he'll be starting on Friday.  Although the article says Saturday's starter is unknown, it is listed on the Rays' website as Alex Cobb.  He gets an extra day of rest out of all of this.  Cobb started against the A's last year at the Coliseum in early Augustabsolutely destroyed the green and gold later that month and beat them again back in April, although he wasn't quite as dominant.

According to Susan Slusser, we will probably be seeing Jemile Weeks and Michael Choice among the September callups.

Around the minor leagues, Drew Granier and Tanner Peters will be on the mound tonight.

Finally, here is a video that Casey Pratt did with Addison Russell.  If you didn't watch it already, you should.  (spoiler: cats are not his thing.)

On this day a year ago, Tommy Milone was excellent and the A's pounded the struggling Indians by a score of 7 to 0.

Tonight's starting lineup is out, with Kurt Suzuki behind the dish and Alberto Callaspo as the DH.  Josh Donaldson once again bats second, while Seth Smith and Stephen Vogt have the night off.