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DLD 8/27/13

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Tuesday's links.

Leon Halip

Should the Rangers reach the playoffs, it appears Nelson Cruz would be on their roster.

You've probably already seen Nate Freiman's slides from last night.  If you haven't, here they are.  If you have seen them, you'll probably want to watch them again for good measure.  Thanks to some guy named Alan Torres who put these together.

Here's the extended version of Nate scoring the go-ahead run.

Barry Zito struggled yet again on the road last night.

Here's a silly NotGraphs article on the decline of triples.  On a more serious note, why do you think triples are declining?  Let us know in the comments below!  I think it's a mix of ballparks that don't allow for a lot of triples (ATandT is one of the few that has dimensions that favor three-baggers), better defensive positioning and better outfielders altogether.

Around the minor leagues, the River Cats continue their series with Fresno.  Josh Bowman will make what should be one of his final starts of the year for the Ports.  It should be one of their final trips to Sam Lynn Ballpark in Bakersfield.

The A's are giving away more stirrups today!

On this day a year ago, the A's shut out the Indians behind an excellent effort from Brett Anderson in his second start of the season, and they traded Anthony Recker to the Cubs.

Tonight's starting lineup is out, with no Eric Sogard.  Josh Donaldson bats second.