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DLD 8/26/13

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Links for Monday morning.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Casper Wells has had an incredibly rough year.

Dave Cameron breaks down the pathetic season of one of our division rivals.  I personally think that a lot of their struggles have to do with Scioscia's mismanagement.  A competent manager probably wouldn't have them as a contender, but I think they would be much closer to .500.

Bradley Woodrum of Fangraphs breaks down multi-run homers.  Good thing the A's are about to face the Tigers!  Everyone should be excited to see AJ Griffin facing that lineup.

Well, there's that.

Tonight's minor league games include Zach Neal and Murphy Smith on the hill, and the River Cats will host Fresno.

On this day a year ago, the A's had a rare Sunday off because the Republican National Convention was being held in Tampa.  The series was an odd Thursday-to-Saturday set.  The A's won the final two with a Friday night thriller and a solid start from Brandon McCarthy.

Tonight's starting lineup is out, with Daric Barton batting eighth.  Eric Sogard appears to have the night off, and Josh Reddick is presumably headed to the DL.  The bench is yet to be listed, but it will most likely show Sogard, Chris Young, Nate Freiman and Kurt Suzuki on the bench.