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DLD 6/3/13 - And Now We Dump'n Out The Roof

DLD for June 3, 2013 before the A's open a three-game set with the Brewers.

Not only does he chew gum, Jarrod Parker also eats his glove.
Not only does he chew gum, Jarrod Parker also eats his glove.

Hey guys! I'm your new DLDer! Let's get right to it.

Oakland Clubhouse gets things underway with a pretty cool mock draft.

The A's will be wearing these on the Fourth of July. Ugh. They'll be hosting the Cubs that day, who will be wearing these. I'm not a fan at all.

In non-A's news, Garrett Jones homered into the Allegheny River. While there have been 89 home runs into McCovey Cove, landing a ball in the Allegheny on the fly is a much tougher feat to accomplish. His longball nearly hit a cyclist. It's a shame the cameras didn't get the cyclist's reaction when the fireworks went off shortly after Jones went deep.

Here's a look at the current All-Star voting. While Jed Lowrie is fourth at shortstop, the rest of the A's aren't doing so well. Cespedes and Crisp sit at 12th and 13th in outfield voting.

Jane Lee spoke with Eric Kubota on the A's approach for this year's draft.

Baseball Nation brings us a good look at bad pitching.

Rob Neyer analyzes the ejections of Mike Matheny and Yadier Molina from yesterday's game between St. Louis and San Francisco.

Mr. Neyer, like myself, is not a fan of the Fourth of July hats.

Before they take the field against the A's tonight, the Brewers have made a few roster moves. It is rumored that Francisco, who has only played third base in his big-league career, will get time at first until Corey Hart returns from knee surgery.

The Yankees will be playing Lyle Overbay in right field tonight.

New A's insider Paul Gutierrez touches on All-Star voting.

Last year, in their final game before the All-Star Break, the Twins and Rangers were treated to quite a display by Mother Nature. Last night, the Yankees and Red Sox were given similar treatment.

Jon Heyman actually said something pretty cool.

The Dodgers are calling up Cuban prospect Yasiel Puig.

How desperate are the Nationals right now? Davey Johnson is growing a rally goatee.

The crew over at Crawfish Boxes took a look at local prospect Jordan Paroubeck, from Serra (San Mateo). Having seen him in person, I can say he's got a lot of potential.

Not much of a shocker: Jarrod Parker is good when he doesn't give up homers.

Josh Donaldson wore the wrong hat on Saturday.

Unsurprisingly, Evan Gattis won NL Rookie of the Month once again. Nate Freiman won the AL award for May!

On this day one year ago, the A's lost for the ninth time in ten games.

The A's have released today's lineup. Very similar to last Wednesday's lineup against Lincecum, with the exception of Reddick in place of Smith. Not surprising. One noticeable difference is Lowrie in the cleanup spot.