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DLD 10/25/13

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Friday links.

Todd Steverson will take over as hitting coach of the Chicago White Sox.  He had served as the A's minor league hitting coordinator.  The White Sox essentially hit like minor leaguers in 2013.  Steverson could be instrumental in the development of Jose Abreu.

Jane Lee's mailbag features all sorts of questions regarding the state of the organization.

Gold Glove nominees have been announced.  Yoenis Cespedes will go up against Andy Dirks (what?) and Alex Gordon in left field, while Josh Reddick will try to defend his title in right field against Nick Markakis and Shane Victorino.  My instincts tell me Reddick wins again, but Gordon will take left field.  Josh Donaldson did not merit a nomination at third base.  Other notable omissions include Freddie Freeman and Mike Trout.  It also struck me as odd to not see Jose Iglesias as one of the AL nominees at shortstop.  I predict Sonny Gray will find himself among the candidates at pitcher within the next couple of years.

Matt Williams is the new manager of the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals will play a three-game set in Oakland on May 9, 10 and 11.  The first of six fireworks nights will be held on May 9.  The A's have a partially complete list of promotions for the 2014 season.  They have yet to announce promotions like Free Parking Tuesday, $2 Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Family Pack Fridays or any other giveaways aside from bobbleheads and the fleece blanket.  My personal speculation: the first bobblehead could be Donaldson, while the second will be a member of the 1974 team.  Assuming Star Wars Night is once again the final fireworks night of the season, it will be held against the Phillies.

Just how good is Clayton Kershaw?

Craig Breslow blogged about his rough outing last night.

Eric Wedge is interviewing to become the new manager of the Chicago Cubs.

Dave Cameron writes about Mike Matheny's decision to pull the plug on his starting pitchers.

Do you want to justify your hatred of the Cardinals or Red Sox?  Zach Reynolds can help you with that