This sentence made me laugh out loud (MLB Trade Rumors on Gordon Beckham):


Other infielders who offer similar versatility include Emilio Bonifacio, Kelly Johnson, Ed Lucas, and Alberto Callaspo.

Samardzija To Seattle?


The best trades always address the needs of both teams involved. Oakland definitely has a need for a second baseman and Seattle could use a good wide receiver, so it seems obvious that the A's should trade Jeff Samardzija to the Seahawks for Russell Wilson.

Kendall Graveman is excited to join the A's


Well we're a little sad to be honest, Kendall, but you can play a big part in turning these frowns upside down next season!

Josh Donaldson trade: Oakland Athletics 40-man transit map


Inspired by our friends at Bluebird Banter, specifically Minor Leaguer, here's the current 40-man roster in transit map form. See the blown up version here:

Brett Lawrie says hello to A's fans


To be fair, there's a pretty overwhelming chance that we're going to love this guy. He's got personality and he plays like he's being chased around the field by a grizzly bear. Or maybe Lawrie is chasing the bear. This analogy is getting out of hand; he plays really hard. Anyway, he says hi. Hi Brett! (He and Reddick can watch wrestling together.)

Beane explains the logic behind trading Donaldson


Take it or leave it, but this is how the situation looked/looks through Billy Beane's eyes. Of course, even if you agree with him that it was time to re-tool, you may or may not agree that he received the right can't-miss package from Toronto.

Chris Townsend to host A's Radio Pre- & Post-Game Shows


Chris Townsend will be the primary host of the A's pre-game "Dugout Show" and post-game "A's Talk" on 95.7 The Game in 2015--duties he last held in 2012.

A visual representation of Pat Venditte


In case you didn't get the picture yet.

New ambidextrous Athletics minor league pitcher Pat Venditte vs. a switch-hitter


The rules have been clarified since this incident, but new Athletics minor league ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte faced quite the conundrum when he faced switch-hitter Ralph Enriquez in a minor league game for the Staten Island Yankees.