Mudcat Grant’s Underrated Late-Career Run as a Fireman


A fun & informative look at Jim "Mudcat" Grant’s 1970 & 1971 seasons spent with the A’s

Matt Chapman goes IN


He never badmouthed or dissed the team but he opens up A LOT and pulls no punches

A Paige out of history: Satchel's return in '65


An article about the great Satchel Paige making a relief appearance for the 1965 KC A’s



I don't know how many more hurdles we have to pass for a new Oakland stadium, but one less is a good thing? I think?

Hall of Fame Candidate Tim Hudson’s Pair of Late Season Undefeated Streaks That Played Key Roles in Securing the 2000 and 2002 AL West Division Titles for the Oakland Athletics


I enjoyed reading this article, it brought back memories from the 2000 & 2002 runs. Tim Hudson is a lot stronger Hall of Fame candidate than people realize. It’s a bummer the ballot is still so crowded though. I’d vote for Huddy in a heartbeat

Handmade A's theme items - heavy duty totes, bow ties, more


- New small heavy duty canvas tote bags in A's prints and themes. Perfect size to set by your feet or under your seat. - Adult size bow ties - Fabric face masks More items added every few weeks

Who Framed Shooty Babitt


Shooty Babitt's Wikipedia page is full of inaccuracies but the most interesting (clever?) thing in it is a line about him starring in the animated feature Who Framed Shooty Babitt. The reference link literally goes to the IMDb page for Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

State of the A's


State of the A's address with Billy Beane and David Forst. Hosted by Chris Townsend.

Matt Vasgersian Joins Angels Booth


Oakland native and lifelong A's fan Matt Vasgersian is taking over play-by-play duties for Angels broadcasts this year on Bally Sports West. A missed opportunity for the Athletics?

Interesting article comparing Tim Hudson to recent Hall of Fame inductees & other prominent pitchers from his era


Came across this article which compares Tim Hudson to Mark Buehrle, Mike Mussina, CC Sabathia, Andy Pettitte & few others in a variety of categories. I’ll be interested to see how Huddy does in Hall of Fame voting. I doubt he’ll come close to election on the first ballot but I think he belongs in the Hall.