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A's Community Prospect Lists

2021 Community Prospect List: The final Top 30 list!

A look at our preseason list now that the summer is underway.

CPL #31: Skye Bolt and Hogan Harris can play their way back onto the radar

Both have been on the CPL in past years, but haven’t played much lately

CPL #30: Parker Dunshee adds velocity to sleeper profile

Will a couple extra MPH be enough to elevate the sleeper RHP?

CPL #29: Aramis Garcia competes for backup catcher job

Former 2nd-round draft pick might finally get extended chance in MLB

CPL #28: Brian Howard adds the velocity he’d been missing

The 6’9 pitcher showed mid-90s mph last fall

CPL #27: Cody Thomas converts from quarterback to outfield

A’s finally added an Oklahoma QB to their farm system

CPL #26: Miguel Romero brings new changeup to 40-man roster

Reliever could make MLB debut in 2021

CPL #25: Jeremy Eierman has four out of five tools

Can he develop the crucial fifth one?

CPL #24: Kyle McCann brings power to catcher position

Only the second catcher on the list so far

CPL #23: Lazaro Armenteros has big tools overshadowed by strikeouts

He’s got power and speed, but can he make enough contact to use them?

CPL #22: Colin Peluse increases his velocity

The 9th-round pick jumps onto the radar despite the lost 2020 season — or maybe even because of it.

CPL #21: Wandisson Charles sizzles his way onto 40-man roster

The fireballing reliever is now just one step away from reaching the majors

CPL #20: Buddy Reed has elite defense but must prove bat

The outfielder is already making his presence known in spring training camp

CPL #19: Junior Perez is promising trade acquisition

The teenage outfielder was acquired for Jorge Mateo

CPL #18: Seth Brown is on the doorstep of the majors

The 28-year-old is as ready as he’ll ever be to help out in Oakland

CPL #17: Jordan Diaz has advanced bat in lower minors

The 20-year-old is still waiting for a chance to prove it in full-season ball

CPL #16: Tyler Baum finally gets to play full-season ball

The 2nd-round pick from 2019 had to wait through a canceled 2020

CPL #15: Ka’ai Tom gets chance as Rule 5 draft pick

Can the outfielder stick in the majors all season long?

CPL #14: Austin Beck yet to unlock his tools

The former No. 6 overall draft pick could have really used the 2020 summer

CPL #13: Pedro Pineda is youngest of A’s top prospects

Youngest player on the 2021 CPL

CPL #12: Brayan Buelvas is advanced beyond his years

One of only three teenagers invited to A’s alt camp last summer

CPL #11: Jeff Criswell brings high potential from 2nd round of draft

Last year’s 2nd-round draft pick has a bright future

CPL #10: Grant Holmes remains part of pitching equation on 40-man roster

Can the longtime prospect finally make his MLB debut?

CPL #9: Greg Deichmann powers into the Top 10

It’s been over a year since his breakout AFL performance, but he was added to the 40-man roster this winter

CPL #8: Luis Barrera has tools to reach majors soon

But will it be as an everyday starter, or a useful bench player?

CPL #7.5 re-vote, after Sheldon Neuse traded away

The No. 8-elect prospect was traded before we could add him to the list. Let’s try again!

CPL #7: James Kaprielian reaches majors after long injury recovery

The pitcher missed three years but made it back and rose all the way to MLB

CPL #6: Logan Davidson looks to prove skills in full-season ball

The A’s top 2019 draft pick has waited a long time for a chance to play

CPL #5: Daulton Jefferies makes MLB debut

Right-hander reached majors at age 25 after missing two years to injury

CPL #4: Robert Puason awaits minor league pro debut

The 18-year-old spent summer 2020 at A’s alternate site camp, but hasn’t yet played in the minors

CPL #3: Nick Allen is the shortstop of the near future

Will he arrive in 2021, or wait until 2022?

CPL #2: Tyler Soderstrom has impact bat, high ceiling

The lefty returns to the top spot after two years in second place