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A's Commentary and Analysis

Three’s Company: Which pitchers should A’s trade after the lockout?

Bassitt, Manaea, and/or Montas?

Paying young players more may break the A’s model for success and that’s OK

What’s best for the sport might require new strategies in Oakland

Matt Olson trade rumors: Which teams are interested in the A’s star?

If it happens, where is he likely to land?

To Trade or not to Trade: Matt Chapman

Is now really the right time to sell low on a face of the franchise?

MLB lockout: Why increasing minimum salary should be players’ top priority

Build from the bottom up

MLB lockout: Players finally asking for the right things

Sticking up for the little guy instead of lavishing the upper ranks

Forgotten Greats: Seven A’s relief pitchers we should remember more often

Not the most famous names, but they dominated in Oakland

Forgotten Greats: Seven A’s starting pitchers we should remember more often

Not the most famous names, but they dominated in Oakland

The curious futility of the Angels

Second place in the AL West since 2010, but rarely ever good

Forgotten Greats: Seven A’s hitters we should remember more often

Not the most famous names, but they dominated in Oakland

What is a Quality Control Coach?

Mike Aldrete takes over the job, which was once held by Mark Kotsay

A’s lead AL West standings since 2010

The near future looks dark, but the big picture is much brighter

MLB family tree of Chris Cron, new A’s assistant hitting coach

Cron isn’t the only ballplayer in his family

What is a Run Prevention Coach?

Darren Bush now holds that title for A’s, along with 3B coach

What would you like to see come out of the MLB lockout?

Lots of issues on the table to discuss

Final connection to Josh Donaldson trade is gone

The trade tree is officially over

Should Matt Chapman move to shortstop?

It’s not a new idea. But now another team has talked about it!

Lessons from Braves championship run

Winning the World Series doesn’t always happen like we’d expect

Memories of Mark Kotsay as an A’s player

The A’s new manager used to play for the team. Let’s reminisce!

Mark Kotsay becomes 19th manager in Oakland A’s history

But only the sixth in the past 36 years

Everything A’s fans need to know about MLB’s labor negotiations

What’s the latest news, and how might it affect the A’s?

A’s free agent preview: Half of the team coming off the books

Will the rebuilding A’s re-sign anybody, or perhaps bring in some new faces?

Vote Matt Olson and Chris Bassitt for 2021 All-MLB Team!

Two A’s are on the ballot for this year’s honors

2021 SB Nation Offseason SIM results: Rebuilding the A’s roster

SB Nation team sites got together to play out a pretend offseason. Here’s how the A’s did!

Tell the A’s what you think of their Las Vegas idea

The A’s sent their fans a survey to gauge interest in ... the team leaving?

Who should the A’s hire as their new manager?

And should they stay in-house or bring in somebody new?

Devil’s advocate: Why A’s fans can be happy the Astros beat the Red Sox in the ALCS

The Astros are easy to root against, but should we have been doing so?

Remembering Ray Fosse, Oakland A’s legend

Not only a player and broadcaster, but the team’s biggest fan

Was Frankie Montas the 2nd-half AL Cy Young?

He’s got a good argument

Matt Chapman sets unfortunate A’s franchise record

Pinboard material for next year

Pete Kozma gets first MLB hit since 2018 in comeback with A’s

Kozmaniacs rejoice!

Late-season magic happens, but not for 2021 A’s

Could have used a 17-game win streak in September, like the Cardinals pulled off