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Elephant Rumblings: Grading the A’s offseason

MLB news roundup

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Happy Friday, Athletics Nation!

The offseason report cards are in, and the A’s got a passing grade—undeservedly, if you ask me.

Tim Britton, Grant Brisbee and Aaron Gleeman at The Athletic graded every MLB club’s offseason performance, and not surprisingly, the Dodgers and Orioles got A’s. But the A’s (the team, not the grade) were among the many teams that got a D.

The report card correctly identified the A’s greatest need, which went unmet: for owner John Fisher to have a change of heart and realize he needs to keep the team in Oakland. Beyond that, just one offseason need was met: back-end starting pitching. The report notes that Fangraphs projects every A’s starter to post an ERA under 5.00.

Fair enough. The A’s may prove to have a remarkably consistent corps of back-end pitching talent. Maybe a prospect or two will break out as the season wears on and deliver some top-of-rotation worthy performances.

The report also projects that the A’s 2024 payroll will be about the same as 2023 at $57 million.

F is for flaming dumpster fire, and that is my offseason grade for the A’s. But if you turn your back to the relocation drama and squint at a pair of maybe possibly serviceable starting pitcher acquisitions, I guess you can argue that a D is justifiable.

Have a wonderful weekend, AN.

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