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Elephant Rumblings: Las Vegas mayor says A’s should stay in Oakland, then walks it back

MLB news roundup

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The Grand Opening of Sphere in Las Vegas Photo by Paul Citone/Variety via Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Athletics Nation!

Apparently, not even Las Vegas’s mayor wants the A’s on the strip.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman of Las Vegas told Front Office Sports yesterday that the A’s plans “don’t make sense.”

“I personally think they’ve got to figure out a way to stay in Oakland and make their dream come true,” said Goodman.

One reason cited for her misgivings was funding. The mayor said she is not sure adequate proceeds have been shored up for the proposed $1.5 billion stadium project at the site of Bally’s Tropicana resort. The hotel is slated for a teardown beginning April 2.

Goodman also said the location would exacerbate traffic problems on the strip. She believes the old downtown district would provide greater accessibility.

Oakland mayor Sheng Thao and Oakland 68’s president Jorge Leon both welcomed Goodman’s comments.

The mayor later issued the following clarification on X:

She essentially added that if the project does move forward, “we will welcome it to our city.” But she also reiterates that she feels staying in Oakland is the best option for the A’s.

Some have suggested that an ulterior motive may be at play here: Clark County has jurisdiction over the strip, not the City of Las Vegas. Goodman may simply privately prefer a site that is under the city’s jurisdiction.

Regardless, Mayor Goodman’s comments might reinforce the notion that the A’s are trying to shoehorn a bad plan into a city that isn’t exactly welcoming them with open arms, while fans in Oakland mourn the impending loss of their most storied—and last remaining—major sports franchise.

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