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Elephant Rumblings: What’s the hold up?

MLB News Round-Up

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Good morning A’s fans, happy Sunday.

With the Super Bowl set to happen today, the ending of football season means spring training reports and baseball season on the soon horizon for baseball fans — it truly is the best time of the year.

The only problem that’s puzzled fans like myself is: what about the rest of the free agents? There’s a decent amount of them remaining, and all of them have proven to help a ball club in multiple ways.

Cody Bellinger and Blake Snell might be seeking the largest and lengthiest deal of all the remaining players, but we’ve seen both put up league-leading numbers when right. The commitment to either may scare many teams for their own respective reasons but these two are proven elite caliber talents.

Matt Chapman, the former A’s third baseman, still swings a plus bat while playing an elite hot corner. Jordan Montgomery, the solid lefty starter coming off a World Series ring with the Texas Rangers, pitched dozens of meaningful innings down his postseason stretch. Jorge Soler, a playoff legend in his own regard, is one of the league's best power bats who came off a World Series MVP just three seasons ago.

There’s even more too. No one can tell me J.D. Martinez, Eddie Rosario or Tim Anderson isn’t better than at least 13 of some of the talent ahead of them currently. Something seems off, in my opinion.

Some may argue this is something that’s been normalized over time. The 2019 Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper a week into March. The 2020-21 offseason saw little big names signed before the New Year’s Day. Carlos Correa signed late in January last year. We’ve never seen it at this volume in one season, however.

It doesn’t make much sense either. Why wouldn’t players want to be settled and situated with their ball clubs as early as possible? My best guess is some dominoes will fall once Spring Training picks up, but I want to hear what you all think. What’s taking so long and when will these names get signed?

Stay safe out there today, y’all. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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