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Athletics rank last in Keith Law’s farm system rankings


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Detroit Tigers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Brandon Vallance/Getty Images

Keith Law of the Athletic release his rankings of the minor league systems from all 30 teams, and for the Oakland Athletics his view wasn’t very rosy. The A’s came in dead last, and based on his top 100 rankings it isn’t very hard to see why. Law didn’t rank a single Athletics prospect in his top 100, and they join the Royals and Astros in that honor. Law says he doesn’t want to pick on the A’s and their fans, but this is an awfully pessimistic view of a system that while certainly in the bottom tier does at least seem to have interesting talent.

As Law notes it isn’t entirely for a lack of talent that Oakland ranks here, as they recently graduated Zack Gelof and Tyler Soderstrom both of which Law seems to like. Law has made it no secret that he isn’t a fan of first round pick Jacob Wilson and does not view Mason Miller as a starter, which are all contributing factors to not having a top 100 prospect. If there is any positive to draw it’s that Law has clearly the lowest view of the Athletics among national writers.