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Elephant Rumblings: Temporary disbandment being considered?

MLB news roundup

Oakland Athletics v Minnesota Twins Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday, all! The weekend is within reach.

We all know how much of a circus the relocation saga has become with John Fisher and company stumbling over themselves at seemingly every opportunity. Those of us that still want the A’s to remain in Oakland are hoping that continues, to the point that Fisher just throws up his hands and finally decides to sell the franchise. Too much hopium? Perhaps, but call me an addict if that’s the case.

No one ever thought that Fisher would consider the nuclear option of disbanding the team temporarily while the supposed Vegas stadium is built. We are now hearing rumblings that Fisher and MLB are legitimately considering the option, per Casey Pratt. This is on top of another separate source that said the same thing: the higher ups are at least considering the implications of shutting the franchise down for at least three years.

That move would be entirely unprecedented in North American sports, and that might be a death sentence for a franchise that is hoping to one day no longer be considered a joke. Any remaining fans of the team in Oakland or elsewhere would likely finally give up on the team. All current players on the team would immediately become free agents, and there would be 40 less jobs for Major League Baseball players.

There are a lot of problems with doing something as insane as this, but (unfortunately) it would also make sense for Fisher’s wallet. It’s hard to fathom this actually coming to pass, but it seems to be clear that Fisher is so desperate for money that he would shut down the A’s for years. How is this situation good for anyone? Sigh. Is it spring training yet?

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