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Elephant Rumblings: Still no stadium renderings for Vegas stadium

MLB news roundup

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday, everyone!

We are over a month past when the organization was supposed to release their Las Vegas stadium renderings and we are still without them, leaving more questions than answers about the current status of John Fisher’s plans regarding the Athletics. While the club was supposed to release the supposed renderings on December 4th, the club (rightfully) decided to postpone the release due to the deaths of two Nevada state troopers in a terrible shooting. Arguably the only classy thing the club has done under Fisher in his entire tenure as owner of our favorite baseball team.

And here we are now a month later and we have still yet to see anything even leaking regarding the renderings of this Vegas baseball stadium. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been any leaks, just not to do with the stadium plans.

Among the biggest pieces of information to get out is that Fisher and his minions have been privately showing supposed renderings to potential investors, casino owners, and other private parties who might be interested in giving their money to Fisher to help finance the stadium. While the Nevada state legislature has already agreed to give public funds towards the building of a baseball stadium, Fisher apparently still needs even more money to push this horrible move over the finish line.

That has led to reasonable speculation that Fisher just doesn’t have the cold hard cash to make this happen. He’s going to be relying on tricking investors into giving him money. And now, there’s rumors floating around that a new Vegas stadium wouldn’t be close to downtown, far away from the popular Vegas Strip. It’s just the latest face plant by one of the most incompetent owners in North American sports, and frankly a black mark on MLB’s decision. The club has no renderings for a stadium, and no clear financing plan for a project that will easily clear a billion dollars. Oakland had both, was approaching the proverbial finish line, and a fan base that is already here and ready to roll. What is going on? Not to provide hopium during these difficult times, but it really is borderline comical how this process has played out.

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