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Adrian Beltre, Joe Mauer, Todd Helton elected to the Hall of Fame

The 2024 Hall of Fame class is set.

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The votes are in and Adrian Beltre, Joe Mauer and Todd Helton are the newest members of Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Beltre and Mauer got in on their first ballot. Helton was in his sixth year. Beltre received 95.1% of the vote. Helton finished at 79.7% and Mauer just snuck in at 76.1%.

Former closer Billy Wagner missed out on induction by five votes, appearing on 73.8% of the ballots. He will be in his final year on the ballot next year. Gary Sheffield saw an increase in support on public ballots, but again fell far short of the 75% threshold finishing at 63.9% in his final year of eligibility. Andruw Jones finished at 61.6% and Carlos Beltran saw an increase to 57.1%.