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Elephant Rumblings: A’s leadership toured ballpark in... Utah?

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Sacramento River Cats v Salt Lake Bees Photo by Daniela Porcelli/Getty Images

Good morning, Athletics Nation!

The Oakland Athletics are continuing their embarrassing stadium tour, with the latest stop being a huge metropolitan area with a massive preexisting A’s fanbase... South Jordan, Utah! Steve Starks, CEO of the Larry H. Miller Company, which built Smith’s Ballpark, confirmed the team’s visit and interest.

Smith’s currently hosts the home games for the Salt Lake Bees, the Los Angeles Angels’ Triple-A affiliate, who were planning to move to the new privately-financed South Jordan stadium in 2025. However, if the A’s end up choosing Utah as its temporary home, that would force the Bees to stay put at the older park while the A’s get the pretty new one. Once again, John Fisher’s out here wrecking havoc on communities with no remorse and other members of the rich dude club are enabling him.

If A’s ownership is scared to face its Bay Area fans during its nomadic period, it now has a less hostile option in Utah. The state is trying to attract its own MLB franchise, so theoretically hosting an existing one for a few seasons may help their case. However, the Smith’s ballpark only fits around 14,500 people and the South Jordan one will barely seat half of that with a capacity of 7,500. So even if they pack the stands, it doesn’t indicate much at the major league scale.

Regardless, the fact that Fisher has to consider venues in places 750 miles away where Major League Baseball has never existed shows how fractured the team’s relationship is with its once-loyal Bay Area fanbase. It’ll surely be an embarrassment but we already know John Fisher has zero shame left in his body.

On that note, let’s take at what else is going on around the league!

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Truly depressing how many years of this franchise John Fisher decided to waste.

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