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Elephant Rumblings: Athletics limping into off-season

MLB news roundup

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, AN!

We all hoped that Pakland could avoid a worse season than last year. That didn’t happen. Then we hoped that the club could avoid a franchise-worst regular season record. Again, they failed to avoid that infamous record. Now we only hope they can finish the year on a high note and give us fans of the team something to look forward to next year.

That’s something the club hasn’t really given their fans here in the final month. In the month of September, the club is a mere 9-15 through the final month of the toughest season in A’s history. Only the 1916 Philadelphia Athletics had more losses (117) than this A’s team. Safe to say this is the worst A’s team anyone alive has ever seen.

On the plus side they won’t hit some of the heights of worst records ever in modern baseball history. That still belongs to the 2003 Detroit Tigers who lost 119 games. Even if the A’s lost the rest of the way, they could only max out at 114 losses. Hey, in a tough season we’ll take what us fans can get.

Even with the worsening record from 2022 to ‘23, there is still a lot to be optimistic about for the future of the club. Of course none other is second baseman Zack Gelof, and then there are other rookies who should grow into big pieces alongside Gelof as core pieces. Looking at you, Butler and Soderstrom. This off-season should be focused on improving the pitching staff in the short term while some of the young arms catch up to the position players. As hard as this year was, next year can’t be much worse, right? Right?

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