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Elephant Rumblings: Final series in Oakland?

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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday AN!

The A’s are about to kick off their final home series of the season today as they host the Detroit Tigers for four games.

With relocation looking likely at this point, one has to wonder if this is going to be the final series the Athletics play in Oakland, forever. There hasn’t yet been plans officially laid out for where the club will play next year, only rumors and speculation.

The options are pretty straightforward though. The club could try to work out a deal with the city to play one more season at the Coliseum. The organization hasn’t built up any good will however and Oakland might not want to do them any favors after getting the team taken away.

Another option that has been suggested is to hop over the Bay and call the Giants’ ballpark home for a bit until the official move to Las Vegas. MLB, and especially the Giants, probably wouldn’t like that look and likely will only do this as a last resort.

Or the club could just up and move sooner than expected and head to Vegas immediately. The plan would be to play at a minor-league ballpark like the Aviators until a stadium is built. That would probably mean multiple years of the A’s playing in the bandbox that is Las Vegas Ballpark.

Either way, with a vote on confirming the Athletics departure to Nevada coming up in November, the team will probably announce plans for next year around that time. If this series against the Tigers is the final one for the A’s in Oakland then it’ll make an unceremonious end to the team’s storied history with the city of Oakland, departing with a whimper as Oakland fans watch the team depart. Enjoy the club until it lasts.

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