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Oakland Athletics 2023 mid-season community prospect list: Nominations before the first vote

The Community Prospect List returns for a midseason update

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

We brought back the Community Prospect List for the Oakland Athletics in the spring and capped it off at 25 players. Looking back at it, everyone did a pretty good job. We have had several prospect graduations since then in addition to the MLB Draft, so it is time for an update.

In this intro article, we will simply be nominating players for our initial ballot, which we’ll vote on next time. Here is the nomination process (we’ll add in the full voting process next time when we have a ballot to vote on):

  • In the comments, you may nominate a player to be put onto the ballot for the next round.
  • The format for the comment should be “Nomination: Player Name”.
  • After the first nomination for a player has been put in, all other votes for that player will come from Rec’ing that comment. The player with the most Rec’s earns the nomination. (In this case, we’re taking the top five nominees.)

We will take the top five nominees in this article for our initial ballot. In the next article, we will vote on those five nominees to determine the No. 1 prospect and then will add one new nominee to the ballot for the next time, and so on.

If you need resources, then here are some links:

Each of these will be open for around 48 hours although we might extend an extra day if the voting is close and one falls on the weekend.

Post your nominations in the comments below!