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Elephant Rumblings: Gelof continuing to provide spark to Athletics

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Thursday, Athletics Nation!

Second baseman Zack Gelof continues to provide a spark for this young A’s team as he smacked his sixth home run last night, all of which have come in his first 22 career games. Not only is that an Oakland A’s record, that is a FRANCHISE record going all the way back to the dawn of A’s baseball, all the way back in the Philadelphia days.

Considered the lesser (though still special) of two prospects called up on July 14th, Gelof is the one who has cemented himself on this squad, getting everyday at-bats and even getting slotted into the #3 spot in the batting order for the past five games. And he’s earned it with his play in the first month of his Major-League career.

It hasn’t been perfect for the rookie infielder as he’s also struck out 27 times but is still getting some walks as he’s drawn 7 free passes too. It’s not just how he does in the batter’s box either though. In addition to solid (with room to grow) defense at the keystone, Gelof has added six stolen bases during this 22-game introduction to the big leagues.

As the A’s second-best prospect, who was a 2nd-round pick in 2021, Gelof has been considered a big piece of the next Athletics playoff roster. But with his play in these first few games, one starts wondering if the club may have a centerpiece of that future club. His friend Soderstrom hasn’t gotten off to as hot a start as him but having a close buddy in the clubhouse has to make the transition to the majors easier. And now with the promotion of outfielder Lawrence Butler, Gelof looks poised to only get more and more comfortable in the majors. And A’s fans will get the chance to watch him grow and develop into what they hope is a special player.

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