I made a slideshow about my feelings

In anticipation of Tuesday night's "reverse boycott," and due to high reader demand (ok, one comment), this Fanpost has been moved to the front page where it plans to move again soon onto a 9 acre parcel behind Bally's casino. -Nico

I don't know about you, but the pending move to Vegas has been a huge emotional roller coaster for me. Sometimes, a song helps. A few days ago the song for this whole thing came to me: Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen. A song about heartbreak, and being there for each other when the miracle doesn't happen. Somehow it seemed like the Boss wrote that song not in 1992 but in 2023 just for Oakland A's fans.

I made this slideshow of players and fans and moments I treasure with the Oakland A's.

I know it's not over yet (June 13th!!) and we may miraculously still keep the team, but my heart has been on such a ride through this I need to be ready to say goodbye if it comes to that.

I don't have good video editing skills, but I think this gets the message across.

Oakland A's Slideshow - Human Touch