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Elephant Rumblings: Special session for the A’s

MLB news roundup

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, Athletics Nation!

Last night was stuffed full of news regarding the A’s potentially leaving for Las Vegas. The Nevada Legislature was called into a “special session” to debate and possibly vote on a bill regarding the A’s moving to Vegas. Let’s just say, it didn’t go so smoothly for John Fisher and Dave Kaval.

There were arguments from both sides of the relocation making their points deep into the night. So deep that it this session ended up going until midnight. Yikes.

Just check out this thread from Pratt and you’ll get the gist of what happened and all the details:

In the end nothing was voted on, but it’s coming eventually. Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent gave his opinion of where things stand after last night:

The session finally ended but is going to resume early tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Keep those fingers crossed, everyone.

Don’t give up hope, Oakland fans. This fan sure hasn’t.

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