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Elephant Rumblings: Vegas now “50-50”?

MLB news round up

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Pittsburgh Pirates Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, all! Happy Tuesday to everyone!

A morsel of good news! Jason Burke of reported that odds for the Vegas move have dropped to “50-50”, which, yay!

So now it has gone from a “done-deal” to this. Shocking. But not really considering who the owner is.

The owner, John Fisher, has struggled to get a new ballpark built for years and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ownership continues to stumble and fumble along the way. The Nevada Legislature is ending their term soon and it would take a special session called by Governor Lombardo to push this through.

You never know, but it feels like if this deal caves then maybe, maybe, Major League Baseball might get sick of this saga and decide to change course. One can only hope, right?

All in all, this saga isn’t over yet everyone.

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