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Elephant Rumblings: Barry Zito gets first start with Savannah Bananas

MLB news roundup

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, Athletics Nation!

The A’s had another ridiculously bad road series over the weekend. Let’s forget about that for a moment and turn our attention to something that is ridiculous on purpose, in a fun way.

On Saturday, former A’s Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito made a surprise start for the Savannah Bananas, who I would describe to the uninitiated as a touring baseball circus troupe. The Bananas, currently on their Banana Ball World Tour, made a stop in Nashville, where Zito resides.

Zito only pitched the first inning of the game, but he also serenaded the capacity crowd while coaching third base later in the game.

I think I’d have rather watched this “game” than the one the A’s played on Saturday in Miami. Let’s see if the boys in green and gold can turn things around in Pittsburgh this week and break the Pirates’ five-game winning streak.

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