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Elephant Rumblings: Youth movement on the way?

Could the Oakland Athletics add even more young players to the mix?

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

It has already been a lost season for the Oakland Athletics who came into 2023 hoping to show some improvement in their on going rebuild. Several young players have shown glimpses at times, but overall it has been hard to watch. The A’s cut bait with one veteran in Jesus Aguilar last week in order to give Ryan Noda more of an opportunity at first base. They have already brought up several young arms in Mason Miller, Hogan Harris and Luis Medina. Could more young players be on the way?

The A’s have a good group of prospects currently at Double A and general manager David Forst recently discussed the possibility of them making the jump to the major leagues.

“With the guys who are performing there, we’ve definitely talked about it,” Forst said. “Partly because the environment in [Triple-A Las Vegas] has made it very difficult for guys to make the adjustments. The way the ball flies there, what you can get away with as a hitter doesn’t always translate here. That’s part of the reason. Also, there’s a lot of guys performing really well there.”

Prospects there include Brett Harris, Darrell Hernaiz, Denzel Clarke and Lawrence Butler, who is currently dealing with an ankle injury. Butler is already on the 40-man roster which would seemingly aid his cause if they determine that he is ready. This isn’t something that will probably happen anytime soon, but as the trade deadline comes into view and with nothing to play for, the A’s may opt to get a look at even more young players down the stretch.

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