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Elephant Rumblings: The “SELL” shirt is heading to the HOF

MLB news round up

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Cleveland Guardians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, all! Hoping all A’s fans are having a good Thursday!

Yesterday it was announced that a “Sell” shirt from the reverse boycott game would be making its way to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, forever immortalizing the once-in-a-lifetime experience and passion that was the Oakland fans:

While it may feel like too little too late, the fact that Oakland baseball fans made their voices heard is at least a nice way to let future fans of the sport know: there was a devoted fan base for the A’s here in Oakland. And the league more or less turned their back on them.

There were a lot of chances for the ownership group to make it work in one of the biggest markets in the entire nation but it feels like John Fisher and company were always looking planning on supplanting the team and taking them to Las Vegas, no matter how much they promoted the ‘Rooted in Oakland’ stuff that has been the bulk of their marketing for the past several years. In fact, with the news of the relocation, keeping that phrase up on the Coliseum almost feels like a slap in the face of all the people that supported this team over the years.

Still, no matter what happens, A’s fans can be proud in their commitment to the team, regardless of what John Fisher and Dave Kaval say. This fan base wants to support the team. If only we had someone who wanted to invest in the squad as much as the fans love the A’s.

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