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Elephant Rumblings: “Reverse Boycott” a night to remember

MLB news roundup

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, Athletics Nation!

What a night.

I think yesterday’s game will go down as one of the Oakland A’s most memorable. Unfortunately, it may also be remembered as a swan song of sorts.

The A’s beat the best team in baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays, to secure a seventh consecutive win in front of over 27,000 fans that packed the Coliseum for a “Reverse Boycott” to send a message that the City of Oakland is ready and willing to support the A’s under ownership that cares about putting a competitive team on the field and honoring the “Rooted in Oakland” slogan that was a mantra for the A’s until owner John Fisher decided he’d rather uproot the team and take it to Las Vegas.

The first sign that the Reverse Boycott was going well: a packed lot.

Gallegos with the official attendance figure.

In a double-reverse PR move of sorts, the A’s donated the game’s ticket proceeds to community causes. But a good deed is a good deed.

Mayor Thao showed up in the right field bleachers wearing green and gold.

The singer of Green Day was also on hand for this Green and Gold Day.

Thao was hardly alone in those bleachers. The drummers came out in force, too.

Fans staged a silent protest in the fifth inning..

..then erupted with chants of “Sell the Team.”

The revelry—and protest—continued after the A’s secured their 2-1 win.

We know where Kap’s heart is.

Sadly, the A’s Vegas stadium bill also passed the Nevada Senate yesterday in a big victory for Fisher. His wish to relocate took a big step towards becoming reality. But the fans made their voices heard, and anyone who truly loves baseball knows that the A’s belong in Oakland. Until shovels hit the dirt on the Las Vegas Strip, the tried and true among us will continue praying for a miracle.

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Who saw this coming? The A’s aren’t playoff bound, but I think they will be a better team through the rest of the season.