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Elephant Rumblings: A’s now looking at other Vegas sights?

MLB news roundup

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Welcome to Tuesday, AN.

We all know by now about the heartbreaking news that owner John Fisher wants to transplant the club from its home to Las Vegas. Back in April the news had broke that the team had purchased land in the city just blocks away from where the former Oakland Raiders currently play.

Ever since that news broke we’ve heard mixed views from both Nevada residents and lawmakers. The people of Clark County have expressed skepticism in using tax payer funds for Fisher’s baseball stadium, and the Nevada Legislature has had its own issues with the A’s as far as a concrete proposal and plan goes.

Now we have a new wrinkle to the saga that is an A’s ballpark:

Now, take it with a big grain of salt. Ownership seems hell bent on taking the A’s out of the East Bay. But this can’t be what they wanted, right? We had heard that they’d purchased land, only to find out that it might be conditional on securing the help of public funding from the Nevada Legislature. The Speaker of the Assembly Steve Yeager said that “the assembly could run out of time” on approving that move because of difficult time constraints that the state has on its calendar.

Now, the Governor of Nevada Joe Lombardo could theoretically call a special session to push something through to bring the A’s to Las Vegas. He had initially expressed skepticism on providing John Fisher with public funds for his stadium only to reverse course and express some level of support for the idea.

Still, one would think that A’s ownership would need to provide something in the way of a plan forward. All they’ve done is say they want to move there, pick a spot, then start looking around at other plots of land. If Las Vegas, and Nevada as a whole, believe that Fisher knows how to run a successful business, let alone a baseball team, this might serve as a wake up call that he might not be the person they want running their very first MLB team. They’ll only get one shot at that.

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