Can this continue like this?

The A's are twenty games below .500, and have won six games this year. They have yet to win more than one game per week. I have tried to mock this by encouraging fans to root for them to lose....but I wonder if the team can continue to be this bad, and the real question is for how many years will they be this bad?

If the A's proceed to Las Vegas their ball park will not be ready until 2027. They have one more year on their stadium lease, but that will only take them through 2024. Where will they play until the 2027 season? Will MLB let the A's operate at a minor league level until 2027?

Is there any chance that MLB will act like the NFL, and force the A's ownership to sell because they are so uncompetitive? Will there be any media scrutiny on a nationwide level for what will be a record setting record of losses this season....and beyond? I was thinking that with the NFL Draft, NHL and NBA playoffs maybe there is too many other sports stories to draw attention away from the A's and MLB right now, but if this slide into a winning percentage below .200 continues will the scrutiny increase? What do you think?