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Elephant Rumblings: A’s releasing new ticket deal

MLB news roundup

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, AN!

Yesterday the A’s announced a brand new and unique deal in an effort to bring fans back to the Coliseum:

Listen, everyone knows about the attendance issue right now. The club is struggling through its worst start to a season ever and the organization is looking harder than ever for an exit from the place it has called home for over 50 years. No one has wanted to invest their time and hard earned money in a product that doesn’t appear to value them.

The club seems to finally have taken a hint and at least tried to entice fans back to the ballpark. This deal would have been something everyone would have immediately jumped on if it came out during the most recent run of A’s success. Unfortunately it comes at probably the worst time to be a follower of this squad.

On one hand it’s a steal of a deal. It comes out to an average of $2.66 a game, which, wow. Even with the rise in concession prices it definitely intrigues even the most jaded A’s fans out there. No shame if you pounce on it and take advantage of as many games as possible. It could be the final season of Oakland A’s baseball (fingers crossed it isn’t, though).

Then on the other hand, it’s hard to feel good about investing in this club right now for a lot of fans. The owner has gutted this team and invested next to nothing towards the fans and their experience at the Coliseum. Furthermore how do the remaining season ticket holders feel about their investment right now? They paid a boatload more money than this only to see this deal given away. And they’re supposed to be the most invested of us in the A’s. It’s hard to feel great about giving money to this owner right now.

No matter what you choose to do no one should feel bad of buying the ticket deal or refusing to fork over their money. Everyone is dealing with the grief of a possible A’s departure in their own way. This writer included.

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