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Elephant Rumblings: Yet another ‘‘binding agreement” pops up in Vegas

MLB news roundup

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Happy Tuesday, AN.

Yesterday the Oakland leadership announced a supposedly ‘binding agreement’ with the Bally’s Corporation, a gaming and betting company from Rhode Island.

Not good news but quite frankly this is something we’ve heard before. The A’s had supposedly had a deal to buy property just a few blocks away from the Raiders’ current stadium but that’s already fallen through. And on top of that, the club is still asking for almost $400 million in tax payer funds to help make this happen.

There have been tons of rumors going around that many state senators aren’t on board with using those funds for an MLB owner’s ballpark. Again, the news stated that this is a binding agreement but even that’s not entirely true. The deal hinges on the Nevada Legislature passing a bill to allocate that money, and there isn’t much time left in their legislative session so they’d need to act fast. Like, next two to three weeks fast.

Furthermore, Bally’s has said that they believe that the A’s would draw 2.5 million fans a year. Let’s check some math: with 81 games and that goal of 2.5 MM, that would mean that the team sells 3,864 tickets. And yet the stated estimate of the proposed stadium is only roughly 30,000 seats, which would mean their overselling tickets while also selling out every single game. That’s some wild and unattainable expectations.

All of this is to say that the Oakland owner and Dave Kaval think every single thing is going to go their way now, and yet history has shown that there’s going to be multiple roadblocks towards getting their wish of moving the A’s out of Oakland. Maybe being in Nevada removes some of the red tape but there are sure to be some more curveballs for them in the near future. Let’s just hope they can’t hit offspeed stuff.

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