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Elephant Rumblings: A new, dark age for Bay Area baseball?

MLB news roundup

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Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics

Happy Wednesday, Athletics Nation!

I don’t get the sense that there a lot of fans of Scott Ostler at the San Francisco Chronicle among you, but like virtually everyone else not named John Fisher or Dave Kaval, Ostler sees the direction that A’s ownership has taken as high treason against A’s fans, the City of Oakland, and the team itself.

Ostler minces no words in savaging both the A’s and the Giants’ leadership this season, as both clubs are currently dwelling in the cellar of Major League Baseball. Combined, the teams entered Tuesday on pace to lose 223 games; that’s well in excess of the low mark of 199 set in 1979.

I would take issue with one of Ostler’s comments: that the A’s roster is “made up almost entirely of players not quite ready for the big leagues.” That’s a tad hyperbolic. Off the cuff, I’d say fully half the A’s roster belongs in the bigs, and a few players may even be headed for stardom. But it’s certainly hard to argue that the 2023 A’s are built to win, and it is a sad fact that the A’s payroll ranks dead last in the league.

Ostler has choice words for MLB commissioner and Fisher apologist Rob Manfred, as well. Instead of righting the wrongs of former commissioner Bud Selig, who steered the A’s into Fisher’s hands in the first place, Manfred has provided cover for Fisher’s dismantling of the proud tradition of Oakland A’s baseball, gaslighting fans and city leaders in the process.

I don’t feel particularly sorry for the Giants, whose roster management also draws ire, but they are, in fact, looking pretty bad. And if that brings you solace, I’m happy for you. You gotta find comfort where you can.

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