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Elephant Rumblings: Sadly, A’s to Vegas seems done

MLB news roundup

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunate news for me and all of you.

Last night the A’s sadly announced an agreement with Las Vegas on a new ballpark site:

This is shocking to all Oakland baseball fans. We didn’t want to believe this could happen, but at least this roller coaster of emotions is finally done. Oakland mayor Sheng Thao’s statement came as the seeming final nail in the coffin:

This will bring to an end the A’s storied history in Oakland. Four championships, six World Series appearances, multiple MVPs, Cy Youngs… and countless memories for all of us.

The departure comes at a cost for Oakland baseball fans as the team is leaving for Las Vegas and abandoning the city it’s called home since 1968. It is truly devastating.

While shovels aren’t yet in the ground in Vegas, it appears that ownership is digging up the team they claimed that they wanted to remain “Rooted in Oakland”. It seems like the decision has been officially made and the team is on its way out. Ownership always said they would spend on the team if they got a new stadium. Well we will finally see if John Fisher spends on the team once he finally has his precious stadium.

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