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Elephant Rumblings: Reverse boycott?

MLB news roundup

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Oakland Athletics Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Tuesday, Athletics Nation.

There is growing momentum with the A’s fan base towards a supposed “reverse boycott” for the team. Fans have stopped coming to games because the team has repeatedly been stripped of its best players for the sake of A’s owner John Fisher’s profits. Everyone has grown tired of his neglect of his team and the people who love this team are hoping to send a message to him and all of the baseball world.

Oakland fans have begun rallying the masses and hoping to stuff the Coliseum in June for a protest again Fisher. The hope is to show to Commissioner Rob Manfred, the national media and the baseball world as a whole that Oakland baseball fans exist and want to see the team succeed. There has been a narrative from out of market news organizations that there isn’t a big enough fan base that loves and supports the team, and that’s an excuse for Fisher and baseball to help the team take off for Vegas.

As the final professional sports team in the city, the A’s have an enormous opportunity to follow through with the “Rooted in Oakland” mantra that Dave Kaval and co. have been pushing for years. The team has been closer to a new stadium in Oakland than any other time since the team started looking to upgrade over the Coliseum. And yet the owner continues to flirt with the idea of taking away the final team Oakland has.

It’s reached a breaking point for those of us still loyal to Oakland baseball. The fans haven’t invested in the team because the owner doesn’t want to invest in the city and his team’s fans. Would showing up en mass and showing Fisher and the baseball world that Oakland fans want to support the club? Would this do anything to pressure him to sell the team or finally get the Howard Terminal deal done? I sure hope it does because Oakland baseball means the world to all of us and we want a championship parade. Just hoping it’s in Oakland.

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