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Elephant Rumblings: Still No Clarity on Stadium Design

Chicago Cubs v Oakland Athletics Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, Athletics Nation!

It’ll be 2024 in less than two days and John Fisher’s A’s have still not released their Las Vegas stadium renderings, nor have they announced when they will. They originally scheduled a December 4 press conference in Vegas to unveil the mockups but postponed a few days before, citing as their excuse the deaths of two Nevada State Troopers. It’s been nearly a month since then and all we’ve gotten from the team are more empty “We are deeply saddened” statements that no one in Las Vegas asked for or cares about.

Either Fisher is just such a considerate person (lol) that he won’t announce anything within a month of any murder or there’s trouble brewing behind the scenes. This tweet from Vital Vegas, an important Vegas insider news account, seems to support the latter:

We already knew that achieving a legitimate and fulfilling financing plan, even with the county’s $380 million in his pocket, was going to be a tough road for Fisher. His Gap stock — which finally came back from the dead last month — and his parents’ wallets can only provide so much. He even had to sell off a chunk of it recently to presumably finance his soon-to-be due payments for his half of the Oakland Coliseum site. Making up for the rest of the costs will likely be some expensive loan plan he works out with Goldman Sachs. With interest rates still sky-high, that’s a risky proposition for a businessman who’s proven time and time again he sucks at business.

On the bright side for Fisher, according to Vital Vegas, the renderings and accompanying presentation are being well-received by Vegas insiders, which isn’t saying much since most mockups look good. The challenge, which we know Fisher is extremely ill-equipped to take on, will be getting the funds to execute those designs and getting shovels in the ground. Maybe if we just give the man a few more years, he can get it done!

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Keep the A’s team name in Oakland and rename them to the Las Vegas Pop-Tarts.