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Elephant Rumblings: Ohtani to Dodgers, Ballers make first signings

MLB news roundup

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2023 Ameican League Most Valuable Player Award Announcement

Happy Monday, Athletics Nation!

I’ve had millions on my mind this weekend: $59 million. $70 million. $380 million. $426.5 million. $700 million.

$59 million is the Oakland Athletics’ final estimated 2023 payroll according to Fangraphs.

$70 million is the average annual salary the Dodgers will pay Shohei Ohtani.

$380 million is the amount of public funding the State of Nevada gifted the A’s to spirit their franchise away from Oakland.

$426.5 million is the value of Mike Trout’s 12-year contract with the Angels, the biggest in MLB history until this past weekend..

..when hitherto teammate Ohtani signed with the Dodgers for 10 years and $700 million dollars. Nobody needs that much money, and even the greatest player of all time probably won’t earn it on the field, but supposedly the marketing and publicity boosts Ohtani will bring the Dodgers will make it all worthwhile regardless. I can believe that, and I’m not sad that Ohtani will be playing baseball a few miles down the Interstate 5 from me 81 or so days each year.

The Dodgers did what it took to get the MLB’s best player. Meanwhile, Oakland’s newest pro baseball franchise, the Ballers, went out and got the Pioneer Baseball League’s best.

Per Jason Burke at, the B’s announced their first player signing on Friday.

Outfielder Dondrei Hubbard was the 2023 Pioneer League batting champion with an average of .395. He also posted a .456 OBP, hit 11 home runs, and stole 17 bases. Hubbard was so dominant at the plate that he will also be serving as the B’s hitting coach.

The B’s announced a second signing on Saturday.

Coleton Horner won the 2023 PBL Championship with the Ogden Raptors, so the B’s will have an experienced winner behind the dish next year.

Both signed for as-yet undisclosed sums rumored to be less than $700 million. Congrats to the B’s OG ballers, and good luck in 2024!

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