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Elephant Rumblings: Giving thanks for the Oakland A’s storied legacy

MLB news roundup

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Happy Friday, Athletics Nation!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones.

Yesterday was short on news and long on reflection. I saw that Jim Bowden at The Athletic shared 23 reason’s he’s thankful for MLB this year, and my initial reaction was, well, pretty cynical.

2023 has arguably been the worst year ever for Oakland A’s fans, simply because it has been the year we learned that the team’s prolonged stadium saga will likely end with Oakland losing the A’s before long. So to an A’s fan, Bowden’s headline seemed a bit insulting—or at least completely oblivious to our plight.

I checked out the piece, expecting it not to mention the A’s at all. Bowden made much of rule changes, the new playoff format, and a few of today’s greatest players. But the seventh thing he expresses thanks for is the city of Oakland.

Bowden acknowledges that it’s “a devastating time for A’s fans,” but continues in appreciation of the many wonderful memories the team has left with us. And he’s not wrong. I won’t treasure my memories of Rickey, Reggie, Catfish, Vida, and all the other greats who wore green and gold any less after the A’s have left Oakland.

Have a wonderful weekend, AN.

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