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Elephant Rumblings: Fisher to pay tax if A’s are sold before 2034

MLB news roundup

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MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, Athletics Nation!

I’ve heard some fans speculate that A’s owner John Fisher may want to flip the team once they find a new home, hoping his franchise’s value will be bolstered by moving into a shiny, publicly subsidized new stadium.

However, Bob Nightengale at USA Today reported that the league’s approval of the A’s relocation plan came with strings attached, including sizable penalties if Fisher sells the team in the next ten years.

While MLB waived approximately $300 million in relocation fees to assist the A’s intended move to Las Vegas, they have imposed a 20 percent tax on the proceeds of the team’s sale should it take place before 2028, the year the A’s plan to open a new ballpark on the Vegas Strip. The penalty falls to 10 percent in 2029 and gradually phases out from there.

So it looks like Fisher will have a strong incentive to hang onto the A’s for awhile. Vegas baseball fans must be thrilled!

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