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Elephant Rumblings: Fight Against A’s Relocation Not Over

Schools Over Stadiums is A’s fans best hope for stopping Fisher’s nonsensical relocation.

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MLB: Detroit Tigers at Oakland Athletics Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday, Athletics Nation! Hope y’all are taking a well-deserved break the ridiculous relocation news.

For those who are sick of doom scrolling and want to be a part of the solution, look no further than Schools Over Stadiums. By now, most A’s fans should be aware of the movement that teachers in Las Vegas are assembling to cancel public funding for the A’s casino stadium and reallocating that money towards public schools. They’re currently pursuing multiple options — one might call them parallel paths — towards that goal, the main two being a referendum on next year’s ballot and a lawsuit to stop SB1, the bill that granted the A’s their ballpark handout.

With the league, owners, and the Nevada legislature all backing the relocation, it’s clear now that Schools Over Stadiums is by far our best chance at stopping it. However, in order for them to be successful, the teachers need some funding of their own to support their legal and outreach efforts. Many A’s fans have already donated but if you haven’t yet, please consider giving what you can and feel proud that you’ll be a part of saving Oakland sports.

Long live the Oakland A’s!

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A’s fans’ t-shirt game is undefeated.

First of all, puke. Second, love the irony of including the failing F1 event in the photo. Translation: we can ruin your city, too!