Oakland's 40 Man Roster

The deadline for teams to add their own minor league talent to the 40 man roster is Tuesday, November 14 at 3 PM PST. Oakland's 40 man currently sits at 34, although the additions of IF Darell Hernaiz and RHP Royber Salinas should be imminent. My current projected split has 19 pitchers/17 position players on the roster. I believe the A's will want at least one spot open for the December 6th Rule 5 Draft; although that opening can result from the trade/release of someone currently on the 40 man roster. I believe Paul Blackburn and Seth Brown will be on the Trade Block but I'm not going to earmark their departure until later in the offseason. I believe the A's will want a to add a veteran Catcher to back-up Langeliers, allowing Soderstrom to get starter reps in AAA to start the 2024 season, but that roster spot will likely come at the expense of one of Kevin Smith/Aledmys Diaz/Jonah Bride during Spring Training.

Here's what I think happens in the next 24-ish hours:

I don't believe the A's will waive/outright anyone else before tomorrow. The team has had plenty of time to cut loose the players they didn't want to give a chance to next season... pending roster upgrades, of course.

I think the A's will add two players currently in the organization to the 40 man roster. Recently signed LHP Jack O'Loughlin and former 1st round pick IF Logan Davidson will have their contracts selected to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft. It appears that O'Loughlin was a high-demand Milb signing and the A's aren't going to want to see him poached. Davidson showed solid numbers vs. RHP in 2023 (.299/.367/.478) and added 1B to his defensive infield repertoire. Since I'm anticipating one of Smith/A. Diaz/Bride getting released before the end of Spring Training having another versatile, optionable infielder on the 40 man roster will be necessary.

Lastly, I think we'll see a small trade between the A's and a TBD team that has a crowded 40 man roster and doesn't want to lose a Rule 5 eligible prospect for nothing. The A's will send a Drew Swift/Jack Winkler type to acquire an OF prospect from the TBD team.

We'll see what happens.