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Athletics’ relocation vote still expected to take place in November

Rob Manfred discussed the A’s relocation saga prior to Game 1 of the World Series Friday.

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Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v. Texas Rangers - Game Three Photo by Ron Jenkins/MLB Photos via Getty Images

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke Friday before Game 1 of the World Series and told reporters that MLB owners are likely to vote on the proposed relocation of the Athletics from Oakland to Las Vegas. Manfred said that the relocation committee has been meeting on a regular basis. If the relocation committee gives the ok to proceed, Manfred would then take that to MLB’s executive council for an actual vote.

“It’s my plan,” Manfred said. “First of all, the relocation committee has been meeting on a very regular basis. Three times this week, to give you a feel for the level of activity. Once I have a pretty good sense of where they’re headed — not finalized — I have to consult with the executive council, and then after that consultation, I prepare a recommendation to the clubs.”

Manfred didn’t have an answer when asked where the A’s might play after the 2024 season if the move is approved. The team’s lease at the Coliseum expires after the end of the 2024 season. The current plan is to have the new stadium in Las Vegas ready to open for the 2028 season.

MLBPA executive director Tony Clark was also asked about the potential relocation and questioned the motive for the move which has been described as financial. Clark points out that the A’s would be leaving the sixth-biggest market to move into a smaller market where they would likely receive revenue sharing.

“I do find it interesting that amid the conversation and dialogue around finances, that rather than staying in the sixth-largest market, they’re moving to a market that may very well have them in the perpetual cycle of receiving revenue sharing,” Clark said. “But all of that needs to be remedied sooner rather than later.”

Feels like that is something that should have already been addressed.