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Elephant Rumblings: Seth Brown, trade candidate?

MLB news roundup

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, Athletics Nation!

With the Sean Murphy trade complete, the A’s have pretty well finished liquidating the stars that comprised the core of a winning team before the full rebuild commenced in earnest last offseason. Ramon Laureano remains in green and gold for now, but he hasn’t contributed much since his 2021 PED suspension. The Laser could still easily be dealt, but he won’t likely command a huge return.

However, the A’s still have Seth Brown. He wasn’t a highly touted prospect, but he’s emerged as a solid lefty power bat that can play some outfield and, in a pinch, first base. Anthony Franco at MLB Trade Rumors noted that Brown may now be the A’s most promising sell-high option.

Brown slashed .230/.305/.444 with 25 home runs in 555 plate appearances through his first season as an everyday player with the A’s last year. With nearly 1,000 MLB plate appearances under his belt, Brownie is establishing himself as an above-average hitter, and he’s shown potential for further improvement.

  • Brown, MLB 2019-22: .229/.298/.454, 950 PA, 112 wRC+, 45 HR, 8.5% BB, 27.4% Ks 3.7 fWAR

Franco also mentioned that Brown demonstrated positive momentum after the 2022 All-Star Break, slashing .249/.348/.507 with a 147 wRC+. The shift ban will be in place next year, a boon to left-handed hitters that could provide some inertia heading into the spring. Brown still has two option years left and won’t be arbitration-eligible until 2024. His perceived potential value to other teams may be at a peak.

Should the A’s take calls on Seth Brown? Absolutely. Will they? I’m sure. But what should they expect in return? I’ll leave it to you to get some comps from Baseball Trade Values and propose some deals in the comments below!

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