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Elephant Rumblings: Chad Pinder would love to stay with the A’s

MLB news roundup

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New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Athletics Nation!

Yesterday was the last off day of the season for the A’s, as they head into their final nine games of the year. With nothing happening it was a quiet day for team news, but one morsel did pop up from The San Francisco Chronicle’s Matt Kawahara.

In a quick profile with impending free agent Chad Pinder, Chad was happy to say that he would love to re-sign with the A’s. Of course there’s no guarantee of this, Pinder has been servicable when played but has also been fully relegated to a utility role this year. While he can stand to make more than his 2022 $2.7M salary in free agency, it’s not likely that his agent will be inundated with calls from all 30 teams come November.

I’ve been a fan of Pinder across his 6 years with the team, and have even stumped for promoting his versatility via Chad Pinder Day (it’s not too late, Kotsay. Still have three home games). Especially seeing the amount of payroll shed going into 2023, and the relative youth of the roster, it wouldn’t hurt to throw Chad a couple year deal while the rebuild sorts itself out. In my mind it beats Pinder heading to the Diamondbacks or Tigers in the offseason.

I doubt we’ll see a contract extension in the next week, and you can be assured the A’s would likely skip offering a qualifying offer to Pinder. But hopefully we can see a returning face to the green and gold via free agency this offseason.

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