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Elephant Rumblings: Roster Updates - Honeywell to AAA, Jefferies gets 2nd TJ

MLB news roundup

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Athletics Nation!

There’s been a couple roster updates over the weekend and early this week, so let’s wrap em up quickly:

  • RHP Collin Wiles called up from Triple-A Las Vegas, and Domingo Tapia DFA’d. This is just another bullpen shuffle as the A’s continue to test out arms and player combos.
  • Daulton Jefferies (who was already out for the season recovering from surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) received his second Tommy John Surgery last Friday. Jefferies had his first TJ in 2017, when Daulton was 21 and playing in High-A Stockton. This will extend Jefferies’ time on ice, as he would have originally been expected back next season at some point. Now, he looks like a 2024 candidate if he sticks around on the roster.
  • Brent Honeywell Jr. has been sent to Las Vegas, finishing his rehab appearances in Stockton. This is Brett’s return to the regular roster after a stress reaction in his elbow in March. While Honeywell was a rotation candidate before his spring training injury, now there’s a good chance for Brent to make some appearances in the A’s bullpen before the season wraps up.

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