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Elephant Rumblings: Frankie and Lou return to Oakland

MLB news roundup

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Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Athletics Nation!

Clean shaven and baby-faced, Frankie Montas and Sweet Lou Trivino are back in Oakland for the first time since being traded to the Yankees on August 1. Montas is not scheduled to appear in the four game series that began yesterday, but we should expect to see Trivino emerge from the bullpen at least once, as he has already appeared in 11 games for the Yankees.

Frankie was the A’s ace and he consistently pitched like one over the past couple of seasons in Oakland. He was the major piece in the deal with the Yankees. Trivino got in the sidecar to accompany Montas to New York, and many A’s fans weren’t exactly heartbroken to see him go as he has had his share of struggles in Green and Gold.

Somewhat surprisingly, however, Montas has struggled in pinstripes so far while Lou has looked more like he did in 2018. That was Trivino’s rookie season, through which he pitched 74 innings with a K/9 of 9.97 and an ERA of 2.92. But it does look as though he’s been a bit lucky since the trade given the five walks he’s issued in nine innings pitched.

  • Montas, 2022 Yankees: 7.32 ERA, 19⅔ IP, 14 Ks, 7 BB, 2 HR, 4.55 FIP
  • Trivino, 2022 Yankees: 1.00 ERA, 9 IP, 7 Ks, 5 BB, 0 HR, 3.57 FIP

Per Matt Kawahara at the San Francisco Chronicle, Frankie seems about equally as happy in the Yankees clubhouse as he was with the A’s.

“To be honest, the Yankees are pretty much the same. The guys are pretty cool. Everybody’s just chill, everybody knows how to go about their business. It’s the same with the A’s.”

This seems a bit tough to believe, but I’d want to get along with my new teammates, too. Welcome back to Oakland, Frankie and Lou! Let’s see if the A’s can put up a more respectable showing through the remainder of the series after last night’s debacle.

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