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Frankie Montas Traded to the Yankees

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Detroit Tigers v Oakland Athletics - Game Two
Next time you see this guy, he’ll be in pinstripes...
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The deal we knew was coming since March has happened.

Baseballtradevalues doesn’t hate the trade, but it could maybe have been better. The A’s get 22.8 in median future value back from Yankees, while they gave up 27.1.

The headliners the A’s got back in return are Ken Walduck and Luis Medina, who are 24 and 23, respectively. They both post high strike out rates, but have walk rates near over 4 per 9IP in their current seasons at AAA (Walduck) and AA (Medina), which has limited their success.

Thanks to Frankie Montas for all the spectacular Ks. I wish him the best, though it would be easier if he’d be taking his services to a more A’s fan friendly team.